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Deep Roots for Strong Growth

Strategize. Execute. Grow.


 We take your business goals, objectives and challenges and we translate them into actionable initiatives. We provide Assessments, Strategies, Roadmaps and we discuss any opportunities your business has to leverage technology to achieve strategic business outcomes. 


Our consultants have worked thousands of hours across various industries providing invaluable mentorship and guidance to help businesses achieve results. 


We've consulted and mentored within corporations, startups, and small businesses from all over the world. But we have a special passion for working with entrepreneurs. 

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 By utilizing the skills we have built over years of hard work with our own companies and with corporations, we're able to help remove obstacles, identify opportunities, transfer skillsets and knowledge, and set deep roots for strong growth. We do more than mentor, coach and consult, we act like your business is our business; your successes are our successes. 


We offer consulting/mentoring in: 

  • Technology

  • Product Planning

  • Product Marketing 

  • Operations

  • Software Development

  • Hardware Development 

  • Brand Marketing and Communications

We also offer 1:1 business coaching sessions!





Do you need help gaining confidence in your decision-making? Do you want to improve your business skills? We offer plans tailored to suit your needs, starting as low as $500 per month. We even offer "Help Now!" credits to help offload tasks so you can focus on your growth and other important opportunities!  





Mentorship involves more than just guiding and providing tools. We make sure that we transfer our years of knowledge to you. You gain access to our whole team, and utilize the skills and knowledge you need to grow! We help plan, and execute when needed. With more intense sessions, this plan starts at $1500 per month to help you achieve your business goals!



Do you have a short-term project that you need an expert's help with? Our experts in technology, product strategy, product planning, brand marketing, social media, product marketing, and many other areas are ready to help. The cost of consulting is based on a per project basis. 

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