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From a Community Bakery to Worldwide Presence


Cell Phones


Our client, a major consumer electronics brand, was looking to move from analog into the digital world. We helped them identify opportunities for evolution of their well-known products by building product strategy, consisting of a portfolio of devices and software solutions. We built product definitions, team to execute, and guided management in building prototypes and go-to-market strategies.



A community based bakery identified their major problem as a lack of organizational tools to stay in touch with existing customers within the community. They brought us in to digitally transform their business by building and implementing set of online tools for order and communication management. With this, we identified additional opportunities to build brand recognition which resulted in business growth on a global scale. 

Safety Wear


We worked with a group of entrepreneurs who were looking to get their idea brought to life. We setup their business for success by working alongside them to plan their product Roadmap, architect their software, find the right hardware for their software, set up and manage their brand, create and plan marketing initiatives (including Social Media) and help with fundraising efforts. 

Medical Consultation


Before it was a common tool for checking in with your doctor, we had an opportunity to work with a cardiovascular surgeon who worked with a major US hospital. He wanted to find a way to follow up with his patients without having to do in person visits. After consulting with him and his team, we identified the best technology to be used. We architected, designed and helped to develop one of the first video tele-health platforms. Which today, are used by multiple clinics and hospitals all over the world. 

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