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"From Great Idea to Operational Business"

On April 11, 2023, our
"From Great Idea to Operational Business"
Session kicks off!

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to join our Certified Entrepreneurship Coach, Ogi Grba in this hands-on session to take your idea to an operating business. Join a small group of like-minded entrepreneurs as you each work your way through your own ideas, share thoughts, learn from Ogi and each other, and apply everything you learn to your actual idea. 

Sign up before March 20th and save $250! 

Seats are $1750USD 

1 / Introduction to Entrepreneurship

  • Understanding the entrepreneurship landscape

  • The importance of entrepreneurship in the economy

  • Traits of successful entrepreneurs

  • Setting your entrepreneurship goals

2 / Ideation and Opportunity Evaluation
  • Generating and selecting business ideas

  • Conducting market research

  • Identifying customer pain points

  • Evaluating the potential of a business idea

3 / Business Planning
  • Defining your business model

  • Crafting a mission and vision statement

  • Developing a value proposition

  • Creating a marketing plan

4 / Financial Planning
  • Estimating start-up costs

  • Preparing a budget

  • Creating financial projections

  • Exploring funding options

5 / Legal and Operational Considerations
  • Choosing a legal structure

  • Registering your business

  • Complying with regulatory requirements

  • Establishing operational processes

6 / Launching Your Business
  • Creating a launch plan

  • Executing the launch plan

  • Measuring and evaluating success

  • Continuously improving and scaling the business


During each session there will be hands-on Exercises and activities to reinforce learning and allow participants to apply the concepts learned​.

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