Agile Digital Marketing: Why Your Startup Needs it

The rise of Agile is here.

And, by all indications, it's poised to stay. According to an explosive study by AgileSherpas and Aprimo (a digital asset management software provider), 41% of marketers have already adopted Agile, and 74% of agile marketers are satisfied with the results. This includes increased productivity (58%) and the improved ability to manage evolving priorities (54%).

Basically, agile digital marketing can increase the speed, adaptability, and transparency of your marketing efforts. Marketers who specialize in agile utilize a work method called "Scrum." The latter can facilitate alignment with organizational and sales objectives as well as enhance collaborative efforts. Specifically, Agile can increase your marketing team's adaptability and responsiveness.

Scrum uses planning mechanisms to break down projects into bite-sized, actionable pieces that teams perform during sessions called "Sprints." Digital marketing teams use "Sprints" to complete projects efficiently. A Sprint is a set duration of time in which particular tasks have to be finished and made ready for analysis. A "planning meeting" is held at the beginning of each Sprint session.

During these meetings, the marketing team discusses and agrees on what will be accomplished during the next Sprint session. If the marketing team is an agency, the agency's client must also be included in all discussions.

Continuous and incremental adjustments made after each Sprint session result in measurable improvements over time. There may be times when Agile digital marketing teams opt to scrap projects that lack value. However, they are still considered victories as long as valuable lessons are learned. 

Six Core Values of Agile Digital Marketing Teams

Marketing teams that employ Agile digital marketing strategies utilize a tactical, collaborative approach to projects. Basically, Agile digital marketing takes its influence from similar values as that of Agile software development. Those values are as follows:

"Responding to change over following a plan. Rapid iterations over Big-Bang campaigns. Testing and data over opinions and conventions. Many small experiments over a few large bets. Individuals and interactions over one size fit all. Collaboration over silos and hierarchy."

Generalists Outperform Specialists in Agile Digital Marketing

In Greek, a polymath is an individual who has knowledge spanning a wide range of subjects. However, polymaths aren't mavens of a single subject or skill. In modern terms, generalists are polymaths while specialists fit the role of mavens. With automation managing many aspects of digital marketing, it may be more advantageous to field generalized rather than specialized teams.

Instead of startups expending limited funds on staffing large teams, they should hire smaller teams of multifaceted members. For example, a company hires a highly skilled web designer to manage its WordPress website and a copywriter to produce content.

Neither one is capable of filling the other's shoes. If anything, the web designer's talents aren't being utilized to their full capacity. This means your startup is paying for skills above and beyond that needed to manage a DIY site builder like WordPress.

Generalists may not specialize in any one thing, but they're competent at a number of things. In light of the above scenario, it may be more cost-effective to hire a skilled copywriter with Wordpress experience.

An employee need not be a highly skilled coder to navigate general WordPress functions since the platform offers countless plugins for a variety of needs. Here's a list of the best Wordpress plugins for 2020. Beyond that, skilled copywriters often have sufficient knowledge of HTML, CSS, and other site-building elements to assist with content marketing projects. However, few web designers are skilled copywriters.

Marketing teams definitely require an overarching strategy to champion an agile digital marketing methodology. However, marketing teams should be focused on a game plan no matter how they execute it. At the end of the day, whether collaborative or hierarchical, the agile methodology will breathe life into your marketing department.

If you'd like to put together a dynamic digital marketing team, we can help. GRBA's consultants are familiar with the agile method and can provide valuable assistance every step of the way. To learn more about this topic or our consulting services, contact us for more information.

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